Exterior House Decoration

Here are a number of things to take into consideration. For example, if the previous gloss paint has begun to breakdown, simple painting over the top of it will not give the base materials any longevity at all. Instead all loose paint will need to be taken back to a sound base either by scraping, sanding, burning off, chemical stripping or a combination of all four. Then the affected areas must be primed with an appropriate primer for whatever the base surface is, then undercoated with a minimum of two top coats applied.

The same can be said for masonry paint that has begun to breakdown. The surface must be scraped back until all the loose paint has been removed, then a stabilising solution should be applied to provide a good sound base for the masonry paint to adhere to. As with all decorating work, preparation is the key to providing an excellent finish that lasts.

Exterior trim paints are available in a variety of different finishes and colours. The most common colour for the trim on a house exterior is white, although you should not be afraid to experiment with different colours as with all decorative finishes it really is all down to individual taste. The most common finish for the exterior trim is gloss, which when applied correctly can easily transform tired looking a tired looking house to something that is something for a home owner to be proud of. Satin paint can also be used on the exterior trim of a house, this finish is designed to give a slightly more understated appearance whilst offering the protection that is required for materials that are continuously exposed to the elements.

Masonry paint also comes in many different formulations and finishes. By far the most common finish is matt with satin coming in a close second. There are also to main formulations of masonry paints, which include pliolite based and water based. The advantages of water based paints are that they generally spread a lot further, are cheaper and are normally much easier to use. The advantages of pliolite based paints are they are more resistant to the elements and they tend to out last there water based counter parts by a considerable amount of time.

Painting the exterior of most property’s will require the use of safe working platforms or ladders. As with anything that requires working at height, extra care should be taken at all times to ensure the safety of you and others around you.

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